Where will exams be held during the revitalisation period?

We’re acutely conscious of minimising the stresses on our students and are exploring a number of options so exams can be held either on, or as close to campus, as possible.

During semester 1 the University trialled two off-campus buildings as examination locations and we welcome any feedback as we try and improve this experience for all students involved.

Will 2017 exams be affected by the revitalisation?

Melville Hall will be unavailable during the 2017 mid-semester exam period however the University has alternative venues on campus or within walking distance. More information, and an exam schedule, can be found at http://www.anu.edu.au/students/program-administration/assessments-exams/venue-logistics-semester-1-mid-semester

Will exams be run on Sundays?

Following a review of space requirements and availability, and the provision of feedback on the impacts of scheduling examinations on Sundays and public holidays, we are committed to not running examinations on Sundays and public holidays. Examinations will be held on Saturdays, as they have been in the past.

How will I get to my exams if they are held off campus?

Students will be given ample warning through forums, emails and working closely with student body representatives. We will also advise of transportation options well ahead of each examination period.

Where will special arrangement examinations be held?

Examinations requiring computer labs or for special arrangement examinations will remain on campus and where possible in the same locations as they have previously been held on campus.