Will the Union Court revitalisation mean extended teaching hours?

To accommodate activities that were previously conducted in Manning Clark and Melville Hall, the University has leased a large building on Barry Drive. This building was used as an exam location in June and will also serve as lecture rooms and a public events space during the redevelopment.  With Llewelyn Hall also being used as a temporary teaching space we are able to minimise disruption to staff and students. Our teaching hours will remain 8am-6pm (8am-4pm in Llewelyn Hall) except where classes are usually taught late.

There will be a temporary suspension of the Thursday common lunch hour until Semester 1 2019. During this period we will look at different options for running shared community events.

What considerations will there be for Academic staff with caring responsibilities if there is a need for extended teaching hours?

The University is committed to accommodating caring responsibilities and other commitments as part of the timetabling process. Academic Staff are able to identify when they are able to work during the March data collection period for Semester 2 timetabling and if they are unavailable for the full hours of 8am to 6pm due to caring responsibilities, or other commitments these requirements will be taken into account when the timetable is finalised.

How will timetabling affect lecturers who teach larger classes?

We are exploring a range of options for teachers who deliver larger lectures and some are currently being implemented in Semester 2 including:

  • Using Llewellyn Hall as a teaching space.
  • Live-streaming lectures between physical classrooms.
  • Recording lectures to make available to students online.
  • Repeating a lecture.

There will be additional support for staff choosing any of these options. Online learning environment support is available at https://services.anu.edu.au/business-units/anu-online.

How will the University ensure students’ learning experience is not affected during this time?

We are committed to delivering a quality educational experience for students during the revitalisation period. The Centre for Higher Education and Learning and Teaching (CHELT) is able to provide support for any academic staff who wish to investigate flexible teaching and learning options over the next 18 months. Teaching Enhancement Grants are available for conveners of large courses to test new, modified or renewed approaches to teaching. Grants already awarded include

  • Tilting teaching to enhance student learning in large classes in the ANU Colleges of Science. (JCS)
  • Exploring Tech-enhanced Course Development and Learning (ANUCoL)
  • Gamification of Early-Year Engineering Core and Jigsaw Classrooms (CECS)
  • Optimisation of Resources and Space Across the University (CBE)
  • The Open Studio: Supporting Student Learning in Visual Art Settings with Digital Demonstrations (CASS)

A Learning and Teaching Innovation support plan is also in development. The goal of the plan is to identify and implement the infrastructure required to enable learning and teaching innovation, including support for staff, technology and staff development.

You can contact chelt@anu.edu.au for more information.

Do teachers have to change the way they deliver their lectures?

There is absolutely no requirement for teachers to change the way they deliver their classes.

Who can I speak to about my concerns with timetabling?

The University has engaged a Timetabling Consultation Officer. Please contact Wendy Fox at wendy.fox@anu.edu.au or 6125 0429 if you would like to organise a meeting.

Will you be hiring any additional space during the revitalisation?

We have leased a large building on Barry Drive to be an alternative venue for lectures, exams and public events during construction of the new Union Court which means we are able to minimise disruption to staff and students.

Are schools at risk of losing seminar space?

Seminars, public lectures and other outreach activities are an important part of a School, Centre and College’s culture and identity. The interim timetable has been developed with this in mind and staff are encouraged to contact wendy.fox@anu.edu.au if they have any concerns about how these activities have been timetabled.

Why are we losing the common lunch hour?

This will only be for the period of the construction of a new Union Court and will return in Semester 1 2019.

Will you be quarantining Student Experience of Learning Support (SELS) surveys during the Revitalisation period?

The results of SELS surveys will only be quarantined for classes directly impacted by the removal of the Manning Clark Lecture Theatres 1-3. While some staff may wish to continue to use the results of SELS, the quarantine is in recognition of the use of SELS for academic promotion and it would be at an individual’s discretion, whose classes were quarantined, whether they wish to use the results or use alternative means to support their case. SELS will also be undergoing a review over the next two years in response to University feedback. Students will be able to channel feedback about disruptions through student associations and representatives on the University Education Committee and Academic Board.