The PopUp Reunion Village will serve as the temporary heart of the campus for a generation of students from mid 2017 through to early 2019 when the revitalisation will be complete.

The PopUp Reunion Village  will provide a new space for food, retail, services and events including a new medium size live music venue for local, interstate and international bands and artist
Central to the PopUp will be a new bar, brought to the campus by the experienced operators The Burley Group who brought Canberra Walt and Burley and Betti Bravo.

Over 90% of existing retail tenants currently in Union Court have the opportunity to open the new PopUp precinct mid year and many are taking the chance to redevelop their food or service experiences.

Food vans will be a feature of the space, including well-known local Canberra operators BrodDogs and Mr Papas.

Three years of community consultation as well as sourcing the best PopUp Village experiences throughout and Canberra have informed the design and activation of this world-class PopUp.
A program of dawn to dusk experiences and events will ensure there is always something on at the PopUp and its location at the edge of the campus is a welcoming point for broader Canberra community.

Construction of the PopUp Reunion Village will begin in March 2017, with vendors and services transistioning to the new space in late May and early June before the opening mid year.