From Monday 7 August, you will no longer be able to access Union Court along University Avenue. This means that all entrances including Sullivan’s Creek Bridge, and Sullivan’s Creek stepping stones will no longer be accessible.

Construction area

The construction area includes University Avenue, Sullivan’s Creek bridge, the Arts Centre building, Concessions building, Union building and the Manning Clark Centre.

Updated ANU Campus Map with construction zones (PDF)

Access via Fellows Oval

The best way to get across campus for most people will be via Denis Winston Walk near Fellows Oval. We are currently building a quicker route between Melville Hall and Chifley Library that will be opened shortly. This will include accessible access via a lift in the AD Hope Building.

Best access routes for south of Union Court (PDF)

Access via Barry Drive

For access between buildings on the North side of University Avenue the quickest route will be along Barry Drive. Please note that the stepping stones across Sullivan’s Creek will no longer be accessible.

Best access routes for north of Union Court (PDF)