Construction of the PopUp will begin in March 2017, with vendors and services transitioning to the new space in late May and early June before the mid-year opening. Learn more about the PopUp construction timings.

During the construction of the PopUp there will be some changes to pedestrian access and short periods of increased noise. The University is committed to keeping disruptions to a minimum and will keep the community informed of any interruptions to normal services.

Pedestrian Access

The walkway between the Haydon-Allen Building and Melville Hall will be closed during the PopUp construction. Signage and lighting will be in place directing pedestrians around the construction site. Staff and students may need to factor in a small amount of additional travel time to pass from one end of the PopUp to the other.

Noise Management

While some noise from the construction of the PopUp will be unavoidable, the University is committed to minimising the impact of the construction on our staff and students.

Noise is likely to be most disruptive during the first two weeks of construction as demountable buildings and some trees are removed by large machinery. Through the remaining construction period noise will mostly be made by power tools, hammers, movements of building workers, generators and excavators.

If you have any concerns about excessive or unusual noise during this period please email or call 0408 661 173.

Demolition and Tree Removal

In the first two weeks demolition activity will be undertaken on the site to remove demountable buildings and modify existing buildings that will be integrated into the PopUp.

During this period an excavator will be used to remove around six small trees and a number of shrubs from the site. A full assessment of the health of trees on the site has been undertaken by ANU Grounds and Gardens as part of the preparatory works. No significant trees will be removed from the PopUp site.

Service Disruption

There are two periods during the 12-week construction period where services may be temporarily interrupted to connect services to the PopUp Village. Where possible, service interruptions will be planned for after hours to minimise disruption to the community.

Staff and students affected by service interruptions will be notified by the building custodians. Service disruptions will also be posted on this website.