Last updated 8 March 2017

Construction of the PopUp will begin in March 2017, with vendors and services transitioning to the new space in late May and early June before the mid-year opening.


Week 1 – Week 2: Site Establishment

  • Fencing established
  • Tree protection and removal
  • Demountable building demolition
  • New pedestrian paths in place

This will be one of the noisiest periods in the PopUp construction, as heavy machinery is brought in to demolish demountable buildings and remove vegetation. Wayfinding signage will be in place to direct pedestrian traffic around the site.

Week 2 – 4: Fit Out

  • Demolition continues
  • Footing system established

Construction will sound like a house being built as the footings for the PopUp are established. This stage of the project involves some drilling and hammering.

Week 4 – Week 6: Flooring

  • Flooring, wall frames and trusses

As the largely timber structure is established noise from the construction will mainly be produced by power tools.


Week 6 – Week 8: Roofing

  • Roofing, services, rough-in & façade
  • Decking flooring complete

As structures and flooring are finalised noise from the construction will mainly be hammering.

Week 8 – Week 10: Fit Out

  • Plaster boarding
  • Façade and wall finishes
  • Services fit out

As construction moves to the internal fit out, intermittent sounds of hammers will be audible as fit out materials are installed.


Week 10– Week 12: Services and landscaping 

  • Finalise fit out
  • External services connection
  • Landscaping

The PopUp will enter the final stages of construction and smaller amounts of noise will be audible. As services are connected to the PopUp, there may be minor disruption to power, water and other services. Where possible interruptions will be planned for after hours to minimise disruption.

Week 12 – Week 14: Commissioning and Building Certification

  • Continuation landscaping
  • Services commissioning
  • Building certification
  • Tenancy fit-out

Noise and disruption will be limited. Vendors will begin transitioning and fitting out their PopUp shopfronts.


Week 14 – Week 16: Transition to Operations

  • Continuation of tenancy fit-out
  • Copland shed and services installation
  • Walkways open

The PopUp site will commence operation. Fences will be removed and pedestrians will be able to move freely through the PopUp Village.